Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Tip From A Jamaican Webmaster

Building a Website is easier than you think!

Do You Have a Hobby or a Passion?

This post is unlike other previous posts to The Jamaican Culture Blog.  I would like to share some information with you about how easy it is to turn your hobby, interest, knowledge, etc. into a viable online business.

I enjoy building and repairing computers.  This is my hobby and I have been involved with it for a number of years.

I eventually decided to turn my hobby into an online business by building a Website. I provide content on my site which gives people information on how to build cheap computers using cheap computer parts. I also provide a lot of other information relating to buying cheap computer parts and ready-made computer systems.  You can view my site here.

I built my Website using a product called Site Build It! (SBI!). You can click here to read a number of real stories about successful people who have earned money from their SBI! Websites.

Click here to view this amazing video on Site Build It! Site Build It! allowed me to turn my hobby into a profitable online business. I provided the content and SBI! has provided me with all the necessary tools that created my Website. Remember, you will be writing about what you know!

After you purchase SBI!, you will be taught (via an Action Guide) how to brainstorm your site concept keywords and then use SBI's very powerful brainstorming tool to decide on your best keywords. You will simply enter your keywords into the SBI! tool and it will indicate which of the keywords will give you the maximum amount of free search engine traffic, but with the minimum amount of competition. In other words, the amount of existing Websites competing for the exact keywords as yours.

After following the instructions provided by this fantastic SBI! Action Guide, I started to write my cheap computer articles using the easy block-building sitebuilder provided by SBI!

As I built my pages, my site started to receive traffic first from Google and then Yahoo! and MSN.  It was such a wonderful feeling! ... thanks to SBI! 

I then joined the Google Adsense program (which is absolutely free to join) and which pays you to advertise sponsored ads.

The money that I make from Google Adsense really helps! I do NOT sell my own products. I earn commission from joining FREE Affiliate Programs.

All the information that I provide on my Cheap Computer Website is absolutely free.

If you are interested in turning your passion, hobby, interest, knowledge, etc. into an Internet business (as I did!), I would strongly recommend Site Built It! (SBI!) .  I use it and I can, therefore, say (without a doubt!) that it works!

I have also joined the SBI! free affiliate program and, if you decide to buy Site Build It!, I would like to encourage you to join the affiliate program (it's FREE!) and you could encourage your family, friends, co-workers, business associates, etc. to buy SBI!  You will earn $75.00 from their purchase and this commission is repeated when they renew their annual subscription.

Please note that SBI! is NOT a get-rich quick scheme;  so, if your plan is to make overnight money with little or no effort, I would discourage you from buying SBI!  Overnight get-rich schemes/products never work anyway!  Websites need content for its users to get information on the particular subject that they searched for and you could provide that information.

If you are really committed to doing something with your hobby, interest, knowledge, etc. and you will be willing to follow the SBI! Action Guide, I would like to recommend that you give serious consideration to trying Site Build It! 

The tools provided are so easy to use that even if you do not know anything about Website building, you can build a site using Site Built It! (SBI!). I am a living example - I knew absolutely nothing about building a Website before using SBI!  The majority of SBI! owners built their first site without knowing anything about building a site! Just follow SBI!'s Action Guide and you will succeed.  After all .... you have nothing to lose... You will receive a full refund if you feel that SBI! was not for you!  So, why not give Site Build It! a try?  You can click here.

All the best of luck to you!.....from The Jamaican Culture Blog Webmaster.

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