Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Jamaican Culture - You will know a Jamaican when they......

  • Try to get your attention with a "psst...." sound.

  • Offer to help you with a problem -Jamaicans are very kind people.

  • Are your neighbours - They will always be there for you!

  • Laugh! A Jamaican laugh is spontaneous.

  • Refer to "small little" when they mean "tiny".

  • Have a kerosene lamp with a "Home Sweet Home" shade.

  • Tell a stranger "good morning", "good evening", "good night" - This is definitely part of our culture!

  • Cannot have Sunday dinner without rice and peas.

  • Go to the bathroom to "tidy".

  • Are your employees - Some of the best employees you will ever find.

  • Carry fried fish and bammy when travelling overseas.

  • Have Dettol or Bay Rum in their cupboard.

  • Refer to soda as "soft drink" or "aerated water".

  • Refer to Orientals as "Missa Chin or Miss Chin".

  • Refer to "horse dead and cow fat" in reference to a story.

  • "Hiss" their teeth in anger.

  • Say "glass of cold ice water".

  • Refer to green bananas, yams, etc. as "food".

  • Refer to mixed drink such as lemonade or fruit punch as "drinks".

  • Say "Simit" when pronouncing the name "Smith".

  • Blink their eyes (cut eye) when displeased with someone.

  • Use overproof white rum instead of rubbing alcohol.

  • Point to someone or something by pushing their mouth forward.

  • Refer to all nail polish (regardless of brand!) as "Cutex".

  • Refer to margarine as "cooking butter".

  • Refer to butter as "best butter".

  • Refer to supermarket plastic bags as "scandal bags".

Jamaicans are a unique people. We have our own language and our own way of expressing ourselves!

This is truly ..........."The Jamaican Culture"!

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