Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Jamaican Culture - Do You Remember?......

Are you old enough to remember the "good ole Days" in Jamaica?  "Ole" is Jamaican Patois which translates "Old").

See below and try to remember the good "ole time" Jamaican days!: (NoteTo enable persons who are not Jamaicans to be able to read and understand this post, I have translated each item immediately following the question).  Enjoy!

  • "Jolly Joseph" (J.O.S.)
    The Jamaica Omnibus Service buses - This was a public transportation bus service used by commuters in Kingston - the Capital City.

  • The Lou and Ranny Show?
    A nightly show starring the late Louise Bennett (Miss Lou) and the late Ranny Williams (Mass Ran).

  • Red floor polish?
    This was a red polish which was applied to wood floors.

  • Coconut brush?
    Made from the dried coconut and was used to brush the wood floors after the red floor polish was applied.

  • Rediffusion?
    A radio which was tuned to one radio station in Jamaica named Radio Jamaica & Rediffusion (RJR).

  • Charlie Babcock - "The Cool Fool with the live jive"?
    A radio personality.  He was Canadian and he was employed to a radio station in Jamaica. Charlie Babcock continuously identified himself on radio as "This is Charlie Babcock, the cool fool with the live jive".

  • Neville Willoughby,  Adrian Robinson, Tony Verity, Dottie Dean (Dorothy La Croix) and Roy Reid?
    Favourite Jamaican announcers and programme hosts.

  • "Dulcemina"?
    A radio soap opera which was extremely popular in Jamaica.

  • Eating Paradise plum, ju-jup, car sweetie and icy-mint?
    Jamaican sweets loved by both Jamaican adults and children.

  • Suck-Suck?
    A mixture of syrup or Kool-Aid and water which was frozen in plastic bags.  This was loved by both Jamaican adults and children.

  • Jack Ass corn?
    An extremely tough biscuit.

  • Stinkin' toe?
    A Jamaican fruit which had an extremely strong smell.

  • Rolling Calf?
    Jamaican folklore - A ghost with a chain.  When the "rolling calf" was moving around, the chain would be heard rolling along!

  • The peanut cart with the whistle?
    A peanut vendor moving around with a cart with a whistle (like a kettle). The sound of the whistle could be heard a far way off and Jamaicans would be waiting at their gates for the vendor's arrival.

  • Sno cone which was later called Sky Juice?
    Shaved iced with syrup.

  • Back and Front?
    Shaved ice with syrup and a dab of ice cream on top - Nice!

  • Teenage Dance Party?  (T.A.D.P.)
    Pioneered by Jamaican musician Sonny Bradshaw. It was a radio programme which introduced Jamaican music to radio.

  • Asham?
    Roasted corn, which was ground to a powder and sweetened with sugar. Care had to be taken when eaten since the powder could cause coughing!

  • The "Fortunes of Floralee?
    A popular radio soap opera.

  • The "Black Heart" man?
    A wicked ghost!

  • Anansi Stories?
    Stories told about the Anancy. This was extremely popular among Jamaicans of all ages. As a child, these stories were told at bedtime. The late "Miss Lou" was famous for telling these stories. "Anansi Stories" is now phrased by Jamaicans when referring to information given that is not true.

  • Bulla?
    A sweet cake which includes flour, spices, baking soda and is dark in colour.

  • Bullo Slush?
    Free lunch given to students attending primary schools. This was a Government aid to children.

  • Eating Crust?
    Eating patty crust.

  • Grand Market?
    Grand Market (also called Christmas Market) is a popular Jamaican Christmas celebration.  The main streets leading to the market are blocked and no vehicles are allowed access. Parents took their children to Grand Market to purchase toys and gifts.

  • GBs?
    A rubber and canvas bootie (shoes).

  • Bata Shoes Store?
    A famous shoe store in Jamaica.

We should never forget these very "Good Ole Days in Jamaica!"

This is truly .....The Jamaican Culture!


Clarence Johnson said...

Thank you for this content...I bring back so many great memories.



Ansel said...

Bar of soap.
Ball of blue.
Big Gill (of oil)

Thnks for the nostalgic walk.

Anonymous said...

Wow - asham! I just made some parched corn (from hominy I found at the mexican market) on the stove top, then ground it in my coffee grinder. Yum! Like you said, be careful of the "coughing"!