Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Jamaican Culture - Our Dictionary

The Jamaican DictionaryThe 'Jamaican Dictionary' consists of words that have been made up by Jamaicans and used by them while conversing with each other.

Even the most intellectual Jamaicans will use the 'Jamaican Dictionary'.

Over the years, words have continuously been added to this 'Dictionary'.

The spelling of some of the words in the 'Jamaican Dictionary' will differ among Jamaicans since there is no real 'correct' spelling of these words! Jamaicans will spell them in whatever way they feel the spelling should be.

I have listed below some of the words from the 'Dictionary' along with their meanings. I will list some more of these words in other posts from time to time.

Please enjoy learning the meaning of these words.... They are a part of 'The Jamaican Culture'!

Babylon:     Policeman
Bandooloo:     Swindle, con
Bangarang:     disturbance
Bashment:     Dance, party, session
Beast:     Policeman
Bly:     Chance
Boasie:     Conceited
Boops:     A man who supports a woman financially but receives nothing in return
Bootoo:     Insignificant person, dumb person
Buck Up:     Meet
Bun:     Cheating on your mate, Act of infidelity
Bredren:     Friend
Bwoy:     Young boy, To belittle someone, expression
Chacka Chacka:     Disorder
Cho:     Expression of impatience or disappointment
Craven:     Greedy (mostly with food)
Criss:     Looks good
Cyaan:     Cannot, Can't
Dawtah:     Girlfriend, Daughter, Woman
Deh:     There
Dem:     Them
Di:     The
Dis:     This
Don:     'King' of a territory
Dread:     It is bad
Duppy:     Ghost
Ease up:     Forgive, give them a chance
Faast:     fast, nosy
Fasty:     Rude
Fit:     Ripe (as in fruits)
Hard:     Good
Inna:     In the
Inna Di Morrows:     Tomorrow
Irie:     It is very good, greeting
Ites:     Greeting
Jah:     God
Jah Know:     The Lord knows
Jam Down:     Jamaica
Jook:     Stick
Ku:     Look
Ku Deh!:     Look there!
Large:     Respected
Lick:     Hit
Little More:     See you
Maas:     Mr.
Madda:     Mother
Mafia:     Criminal, Crooked
Manners:     Discipline
Mash:     Destroy, Step on
Massive:     Respected
Missis:     Used to speak to a woman instead of calling her name
More Time:     See You
Mus Mus:     A mouse
Nyagah:     Black person, Used to degrade someone
Picknie:     A child
Polytricks:     Politics
Ram:     Filled to capacity
Red Eye:     Envious
Rahtid:     Exclamation, Surprise
Rude Bwoy:     Tough guy
Samfi Man:     Trickster, Con man
Screw:     To be angry
Seen:     To understand, To agree
Seen?:     Do you understand?
Sidung:     Sit down
Sing Ting:     Something
Slackness:     Vulgar
Smaddy:     Somebody
So-So:     Weak, Not good
Stoosh:     High class
Su-Su:     Gossip
Topanoris:     A very important person
Trace:     Curse someone
Transport:     Vehicle
Oonoo:     All of you
Up Town: The upper class
Vex:     Get angry
Wah day:     Recently, The other day
Wah Mek?:     Why?
Wanga Gut:     Greedy, Always hungry
Weh:     Where
Wheels:     Vehicle
Wicked:     Bad, Evil, (Also used to mean 'Looking Good')
Winji:     Thin, small
Wutless:     Worthless, No good
Yah So:     Here
Yai:     Eye
Yank:     Pull away
Yard:     Home, homeland
Yeh:     Yes
Yi:     Eye
Youth:     A Young man
Zed:     The Alphabet letter 'Z'

As Jamaicans would say: “Until more time........”!

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Junior Brookx said...

Yow my yute, I know ur not a Jamaican but trus me, u did a tuff job. I enjoyed ur Jamaican Culture Dictionary. Its so good to actually see how colorful our language is. I'm sure u enjoyed doing ur research. Likkle mo zeen.

Anonymous said...

thank u for showing me some things from ur child hood this has always been something i wanted to learn the culture please pardon me but the men oh my god like damian marley lord father

Lorraine said...

you did a fantastic job here with your Jamaican culture dictionary. I had almost forgotten some of the words I used as a child growing up in Jamaica. yu de pan tap a tings, keep up.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me what Igziabeher means ?

Karl said...

What does Igziabeher mean?

Igziabeher - "Let Jah Be Praised" -This is a track from Peter Tosh's album "Legalize It".

Click the below link for the lyrics:

Anonymous said...

This site is a breathe of fresh air as im going to jamaica and needd to be hooked with the lingo! BLESS UP MI YUTE!

Anonymous said...

mi gad yu gud jah jah

Anonymous said...