Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Jamaican Culture - I am a Jamaican

There are some people who seem to believe that I am not a Jamaican. Let me state the following:
  • I am a Jamaican - I was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, W.I.
  • My late Grandparents and Parents were Jamaicans.
  • My Parents were both Teachers in Jamaica.
  • I attended school in Jamaica; including high school (Munro College) and college (The College of Arts, Science and Technology - CAST).
  • My wife is a Jamaican. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
  • I met my wife at college (CAST).
I am as Jamaican as one can be!

The Jamaican Culture is part of my heritage.

As Jamaicans would say: "Mi bawn a JA - Mi a Jamaican!"

Translated - this means: "I was born in Jamaica - I am a Jamaican!"

...."Til next time!"

Spur Tree Hill, Jamaica, W.I. - This is one of the main highways connecting the capital city (Kingston) to Negril (the main tourist attraction town).

The view from this hill is breathtaking!

This is a very steep and winding road which should be traversed with extreme caution.

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Anonymous said...

Very good post. I needed it for a sociology class. I appreciate it.