Monday, November 14, 2005

The Jamaican Culture - Our People

The Blue Hole -World Famous Attraction- Jamaica, West IndiesJamaicans are a multi-racial group of people. They are mixed from several different cultures. Most of the people are from Africa and are descendants of slaves. They were brought to Jamaica from Africa by the Europeans.

Some of these slaves ran away and became known as 'Maroons'. The Maroons have traditions that they still adhere to. There are various groups; one of them being the Accompong Maroons.

Jamaicans are also descendants from a variety of nations such as Europe and Asia. They are truly a mixed cultural nation with a strong national heritage.

The people from these various nations came to Jamaica for different reasons. Some came by force, some to conquer, some to colonize, while some came for other reasons and stayed. This resulted in the most unusual racial and cultural mixture - The Jamaican people.

The African and Europeans (English, Irish, Scottish, Germans and Spanish) are the main types of dominance in the Jamaican people - the African being the most dominant. The Indians, Chinese, Syrians, Lebanese, Scottish and Jewish are also there.

The Jamaican food, arts and craft, religion, language and tradition are influenced by the different nations that make up their culture.

The Jamaican people are naturally kind, warm, amusing and friendly and they are well loved by people from other countries. They are fun-loving, extremely emotional and love to laugh. The majority of Jamaicans are always willing to assist in times of need.

The Jamaican Patois/Dialect is something to hear! Jamaicans are also known to make up their own words to suit whatever they might be speaking about. This is The Jamaican Culture!

You will learn about the Jamaican Patios/Dialect, Jamaican Proverbs and the Jamaican 'Dictionary' in my future posts. Just make sure that you are somewhere that you will really be able to laugh! Because... you will laugh!

Religion is extremely important to the Jamaican people. It is said that Jamaica has the most churches per square mile in the world. There are large congregations of Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Baptists and Jehovah's Witnesses. There are also the Rastafarian and other religions present in Jamaica.

Jamaicans are very highly partisan and politically polarized. The majority of Jamaicans are political fanatics. Never talk about politics with most Jamaicans unless you are talking good things about the politicians that they support!

Jamaicans are very talented and industrious and they are present in almost every country in the world. Show me a country without a Jamaican!

The Jamaican talent is well known worldwide especially in areas such as sports and music.

The Reggae music is a very strong part of our national culture. Our music has achieved international fame from singers like the late Bob Marley. Other singers such as Shaggy, Melody Makers, Shabba Ranks, Black Uhuru, Sly Dunbar and Robby Shakespeare have won Grammy Awards in the Reggae category.

There are so many other very talented Jamaican singers that are also well known internationally. One of my favorite singers is Beres Hammond. I just love Beres' music!

The Jamaican racial heritage has resulted in Jamaicans referring to each other as 'Miss Chin', 'Syrian', 'Coolie', 'Browning', 'Whitie' and 'Reds'. It's the Jamaican way of making fun of our very mixed racial heritage!

The Jamaican Culture.... The Jamaican People.... Truly... They are as their National Motto says: 'Out of Many, One People'.

The Blue Hole - Jamaica, West Indies:    The above picture shows a world famous attraction situated in the Parish of Portland, Jamaica, W.I. It is also known as the Blue Lagoon. You would have to see this place to believe how beautiful it is! This is where the film "Blue Lagoon" was made.


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thanks for this doing a report on jamaica and this really helps a lot...

Wayne Reid said...

Thank you for memorries. I am a Jamaican. I left Jamaica in 1970.I was 13 years old. I use to go home quite often. I got married,19 years now and I have not been home in about adozen years now. our son will graduate this year. he has never been; but, you can't tell him he is not Jamaican; my wife is from Nigeria, we have never been. This year is a big year.
I grew up in Rock Fort in the 60's, the Blue Lagoon is by far one of my favorate places in the world, that part of the Iland; east, Yalas, Morant Bay, Portland, and, oh! I have some of my most greates memorries.
My mother's mother(Gama)is from St ann's Bay, my father's father (Grandfather)is from Clarendon. Alot of his people are from the Mandivell, St Elizabeth area.
My family is now from America's home town, Plymouth. As the saying goes here in America. You are my brother from another mother.
Thank you for the memorry.

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i like jamaicans language b/c its amazing with an capital zzz well like the other kid this also helping me with my papper for school babye now jamaican rocks :)

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I love Jamaica

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Thanks Carl this information has really become very helpful to my studies (Cultural Relations & Diversity). One love one heart lets get together and feel alright.Good link blood respect mi blood.

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I love Jamaica, I am so happy I was born there,I was taught manners, to love every one,Jamaicans are the funniest people. One love.

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I love Jamaica, I am so happy I was born there,I was taught manners, to love every one,Jamaicans are the funniest people. One love.

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I love Jamaica, I am so happy I was born there,I was taught manners, to love every one,Jamaicans are the funniest people. One love.

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