Monday, January 16, 2006

The Jamaican Culture - A Jamaican Market

Here are some pictures taken in a Jamaican market showing sorrel, gungo peas and miscellaneous produce.

Some Jamaicans will get their produce at the supermarkets but, for some Jamaicans, going to the market is a must! They feel that the market has better quality produce and the items are available at a cheaper price since they will 'bargain' with the individual market vendors.

The above picture shows various Jamaican produce. Some of the produce shown are irish potatoes, pumpkin, cabbages and tomatoes. Also shown is a scale being used to weigh yams. This picture was taken on a Friday when there is much activity in the Jamaican market.

Gungo peas is shown in the above picture and is a favourite among many Jamaicans, including my wife and I. It is grown by a number of Jamaicans especially in the rural areas.

In the United States, it is called 'pigeon peas' and is available in tins (both green and dry) in most supermarkets. Caribbean supermarkets are the only supermarkets that I have seen gungo peas untinned. Jamaicans prefer the untinned gungo.

Gungo peas is eaten in a variety of ways by Jamaicans such as rice and peas, stewed gungo and gungo peas soup (with ham bone after Christmas!). Gungo peas is very popular at Christmas time. Most Jamaicans prefer eating green gungo at Christmas and Christmas is not the same without gungo peas. After Christmas, it is time for gungo peas soup with the ham bone left back from the Christmas ham!

If you visit some Jamaican homes the following week after Christmas, the meal will be gungo peas and ham bone soup! You will also notice a number of family members and friends present that day to get their soup.

Another Jamaican favourite is red kidney beans which is also used to make the same dishes as gungo peas but the favorite dishes for these beans is 'stew peas and rice', 'rice and peas' and 'red peas soup'. The Jamaican 'man in the street' calls red kidney beans 'red peas' - If you say 'red kidney beans', a number of Jamaicans will not know what you are referring to!

Above is a picture of sorrel which makes an all-time Jamaican favourite drink at Christmas time! It's a delicious drink!

This is truly the Jamaican Culture!


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) & happy New Year from a blogger down under in new Zealand. I was surfing the blog world when your blog popped up. I enjoyed reading about the jamaican culture. Can I mention your blog on one of my blogs - 21 21 21 Blogs ???

ida may said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wife.i moved away from home in St.Mary at an early age to live in Kingston.I attended Kings Way High School and i always go home for Christmas and this is the cake i had as a child thank you. Last christmas i followed yout recipe and i am sure i went home for Christmas.Literally speaking i left New York boarded a flight and went home for Christms. Thank you!Iwill be baking in a few mins right now i am having baked breadfruit with escovitch fish and a hot cup of choclate.Enjoy your family.